Chronicle Timeline Section
Novemeber 1993

The first gathering to take place at our now traditional site, The Arts Exchange. The attention once again shifted to the Kindred as the Garou regrouped and licked their wounds. Kindred of Atlanta had not seen the last of them, however.

Whisperings of Sabbat presence and an imminent invasion spread like wildfire throughout the city. Lydia, the Brujah elder, disappeared at a time when many would like some answers from her, only serving to stoke these suspicions. Ashton demands formal Introductions and launches an investigation into the rumors of Sabbat. Indeed, several Kindred claiming to be Sabbat appear throughout the night. Only a couple are captured and an investigation of them proves to be inconclusive.

Meanwhile, the city is to host an archeological exhibit from Manhattan, an event which has the city's Toreador (and curiously the Tremere) in an excited flurry. The show is spoiled when the trucks transporting the exhibit are highjacked mistakenly by a force of "Anarchs". The Kindred involved later claim that they believe the trucks were carrying firearms, but sell the treasures within nonetheless. The exhibit's director, a knowledgeable human, contacts friends in the Camarilla to attempt to enlist the help of Atlanta Kindred in recovering his charges.

Along with the concerned Toreador, a large number of Tremere seem interested. This confounds many until reports of strange occult happens surrounding the artifacts begin to emerge. Some claim that a Mummy was among the hijacked items. The truth to any of these rumors remains the secret of those directly involved to this day.

The number of Ventrue in the city swells to epic proportions as Ashton begins to deploy members of his clan throughout his power structure. One Ventrue in particular, however, seems alienated from Ashton's schemes. This is Omar, a native Ventrue whose rule in Atlanta was interrupted by the arrival of such new comers such as Ashton. He will prove to be a major in the power play for Atlanta in months to come.

In a bizarre ritual of self-destruction two Malkavians ignite themselves with a highly flammable substance and attempt to grapple Prince Kincaid at a Ventrue meeting. Their attempts are pitifully unsuccessful and the affair is dismissed as an insulated instance, attributed to the wouldbe assassin's madness.


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