Chronicle Timeline Section
September 1993

The October gathering saw a change of venue as the Kindred of Atlanta congregated at The Masquerade, a local nightclub. Although, a small gatehring by attendance standards, the numerous Kine present strongly encouraged non-violent interaction and witnessed a great deal of intrigue.

Notable events include the first appearance of Garou since the arrival of the Camarilla. It seems a Water Treatment Plant in the city that was emitting dangerous levels of waste directly into drinking water. The concerned Garou were here to investigate. Interested Kindred and those whose herd's had been poisoned soon encounter the Garou in a memorable showdown. Some Kindred, mostly Gangrel, decided to join forces others took a more confrontational view of the shapeshifters. A militant force of Kindred and Garou assaulted the site with mixed success. They killed or drove off many of the humans operating the facility but had a more formidable opponent in the form of a hideously deformed guardian. The Garou called it "Formori".

Investigative parties from both the Garou and Kindred parties discovered that property was operated under government contract by Ashton Kincaid. This, of course, convinced the Garou that the city's Kindred were vile hellspawn. The resulting antipathy set the state for Gaoru/Kindred relations ever since.

During the evening, a Malkavian prank war broke out to determine the elder of the clan. After not taking part in the war, Jefferson Kent is declared elder by a Malkavian archon.


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