Chronicle Timeline Section
April 1994

A collaboration of Kindred arrange an unsanctioned gladiatorial combat in the Nosferatu Sewers. It is dubbed the "Pit Fight". Several Nosferatu are identified as organizers, including Jarvis and Sneak. Rumors fly of Ventrue funding, in particular by Omar. Kindred given to such martial entertainment form an eager audience and wagering of blood, money, power and other, less, savory currencies quickly ensues. Observers are given a special treat when Angus makes a devastating performance of his lethal powers. The true surprise, however, turns out to be Angus's opponent. Sneak, his chosen foe, turned out to have been replace by Santos, the elder of Nosferatu, cloaked by Mask of 1000 Faces. Santos is slain and the ruse revealed. No satisfactory explanation is ever offered for this strange occurrence. Later, surveillance equipment is found in the Pit and surrounding areas. No one comes forward to explain this finding. Its owner and purpose remain a mystery to this day.

Many Kindred, particularly Toreador, begin to gather to form a social club for the more refined members of Atlanta's Kindred community. Though their meetings seem trivial enough, many detractors claim they have a much more nefarious purpose.

In the same evening the vehicle of the Malkavian Elder, Jefferson Kent is destroyed in the Arts Exchange parking lot. From the body and evidence found within it appears that he was unable to free himself from the fiery wreckage if he even survived the initial blast. The Malkavians do not seem concerned and claim that their Elder's souls has taken refuge in the confines of a small rubber "duckie" they proudly present to those offering their condolences. Surprisingly little investigation is directed at this horrendous event by Ashton Kincaid or his administration leading to all sorts of speculation by the city's "lesser" Kindred. In any case one of the Malkavian's number is quick to try and unite his fellows. This is the militant, Tigo Paine. Many shudder at the hate and intolerance of his rhetoric and hope that his elevation is a temporary thing. They are wrong.

The city's Tremere seem to be upset and in a flurry about something. Those claiming to be "in the know" claim the Elder, Mortigan, has abandoned his duties as Regent to pursue Golconda. Others dismiss this Tremere misdirection. The Tremere themselves refuse to comment on the matter. Suspicions go wild when a Tremere claiming to be an observer from Vienna, named Fenris Eber, arrives in Atlanta.

Younger Kindred begin to report encounters with human vampire hunters. Little is known about them and many are quick to blame Jefferson Kent's death and other disappearances on this unknown factor.

The Gangrel begin an extensive search for the sword of their Elder, Kay Lear, who has gone on a walk about. They claim it is enchanted and priceless. This tidbit is enough to convince more than a few Tremere to ignore any supposed internal problems to begin their own search, an undertaking which does not endear them to the Gangrel.


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