Chronicle Timeline Section
August 1994

Xavier Montinesque, in typical Malkavian fashion, re-appears after his apparent death last month, announcing that rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated.

Social activity among the cities undead virtually explodes with the openly of the posh new "Club Olympus". The impetus behind this social renaissance, Henri Fitzroy, a Toreador.  Fitzroy is lauded by his fellow Toreador and Camarilla members alike. A diverse show of talent is debuted on the opening night, including:

  • A stirring poetry reading by C.J. Walker
  • A truly bizarre fusion of flute playing and Tarot by Alejandro Borishnar
  • An auction of curiosities including an arcane cane acquired by Angus
  • Zachary Marcus presenting a riveting fictional work of his own creation
  • Yet more flute playing by Sarah Cox
  • Creative and expressive dance by Montclair

Thorton Talbot's haven is raided and Talbot himself disappears. The once lavish abode is nearly gutted by flames and smoke. Kindred investigating the haven find signs of a conflict and a strange fortified chamber beneath the house, apparently maintained by Talbot. Within were found occult inscriptions, burn marks and what appeared to powdered remains of a corpse. Rumors of vast proportion abound about the event including:

  • A Tremere strike team against Talbot
  • Demons summoned by Talbot run amok
  • Garou attracted by foul goings on ripped Talbot apart.
  • Rogue magicks unleashed reeking havok on the household.

In a daring heist reckless members of the Atlanta Kindred community raid the Bullet Stop, a large firearms dealership and distributor. Known participants include: Max, Icepick, C.J. Walker, Leandro and Jarvis. A clash with the police insued and only some emergency measures prevented a full blown breech of the Masquerade. Typical to form Ashton Kincaid took no apparent action against the involved parties.

Walter Anderson attempts to assasination the prince, Aston Kincaid by placing a bomb under his throne seat. Walter, a former Ventrue turned Sabbat, had a detonator on his body. However, a lucky shot ended Walter's existence.  Rumor to have been turned Sabbat, Walter also attempted a mad stab at breaching the Masquerade by distributing files concerning the nature and existence of Kindred to the Internet and Media groups. His efforts are for naught as his files are dismissed as a hoax and fiction. A few make their way into the pages of the Weekly World News.

Atlanta's downtown shopper's showcase is the site of a brief but violent gang clash that results in damage to several shops and a minor fire at the City Deptartment of Records. Many believe the violence was inspired by Kindred with close gang ties but are unable to present a motive.

Noteworthy Brujah, Sebastian Young, is injured when attacked by a Kindred wielding a oxygen lance. The individual was shot by Sebastian with a heavy submachinegun. Stray rounds ignite the propane tank causing an explosion that engulfed them both. The unknown Kindred was utterly destroyed in the explosion, while Sebastian retired for some time with extensive burns.

The Garou seeme saited for now when the Tremere "discover" their missing Caern stone and offer their assistance returning it.


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