Chronicle Timeline Section
December 1994

The return of the Congo Expedition is a herald of bad news. According to the survivors, Victor von Baern is no more, perishing to the dangers of that uncivilized land.

In the cold arena of politics, Robert Grimshaw, assumes the mantle of Prince in a series of cunning maneuvers, timely alliances and out right bribery. Many admire this initiative and he rules with a popular or at least silent majority backing him. He immediately organizes the previously hazy roles of a Prince's administration into definitive offices. Among these bureaucratic reforms are the appointment of a Sheriff, Keeper of Elysium and Director of Kine Affairs.

Clairr Corbeau is quick to fill the social vacuum of the decimated Toreador with an art show of her own design. Her talent, while not doubted by her peers, does not go unopposed. Christian Claremont presents a rival showing of his own work and that of others. The competition is anything but friendly and words and more are exchanged. At one point a Garou manifests and goes into a frenzy in the midst of Claremont's show. The situation is brought under control by attendees but the damage is done. In the end, however, the sheer intensity and skill of Corbeau's exhibit triumphs.

At the behest of Augusta, Toreador Elder pro tempt and Prince Grimshaw, a new comer, Courtland is named Head Harpy. In this role he is to serve as a social monitor, critic and manipulator. He is also allowed to appoint assistant Harpies to aid in this social agenda.

The previously undisputed death of Erik, the elder of clan Gangrel is reopened like a wound as one of the Gangrel's own, Rat, is implicated in the deed.

Omar Miller, shocks Kindred of Atlanta by brazenly attending the gathering. He is attacked by Wallace Earle of the Brujah and others who suffered under his police raid a few months ago. He is quickly overcome and staked, but at the last moment a Kindred clan in leather and jeans rescues him and eludes pursuers.

Augusta announces that Baron San Blanc is the cause of Victor's loss in the Congo. She demands retribution but without a Blood Hunt, Jean-Michel Racine, another new comer to the city, quickly obeys, subduing the Baron and Diablerizing the helpless Kindred openly. The Prince is furious but acquiesces after a talk with Augusta.


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