Chronicle Timeline Section
February 1994

The city is in an uproar as Lydia returns to announce her membership in the Sabbat. Drawing several members of her clan to her, she sets out on a series of crippling attacks. She focuses primarily on Ashton's Ventrue and the remaining Tremere. This only serves to drive the two clans closer together to resist her assaults.

At the height of the conflict, the Toreador, Angus, a highly proficient warrior, unveils a deception surrounding "Lydia". He discovers an impostor, a Malkavian-Antitribu, posing as Lydia. Further evidence emerges that the mad Sabbat has kidnapped Lydia as part of an insane love scenario. He claims to love her so much that he will become her, first by assuming her identity, position, allies and finally by Diablerizing her.

The rallied Brujah abandon the impostor and swear vengeance for being played for fools. No longer fearing Brujah reparations, Ashton calls a Blood Hunt on the Malkavian Antitribu. With the aid of Lady Augusta's powers of Summon the impostor is drawn into a trap.

Angus battles the impostor in a high speed Celerity chase weaving through the darkened city of Atlanta. The conflict ends when Angus's enchanted blade and the lethal barrier surrounding the Piedmont Caern consume the Sabbat invader.


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