Chronicle Timeline Section
July 1994

The evening is off to a less than quiet start as Xavier, a prominent Malkavian, perishes when his motorcycle explodes in the Arts Exchange parking lot....with him still on it. With the memory of Jefferson Kent's earlier demise in mind, some suggest a mad bomber is in our midst.

Mortigan is seen to make a brief appearance gathering the fractious Tremere. After a extended meeting the sequestered Tremere return forsaking their grudges and apparently working together. Explanation range from simple threats to a clan wide blood bonding. Typically, the Tremere are tight lipped about the whole affair.

The Garou return to issue a heated declaration. Their "Caern stone" has been stolen from their holy site in Piedmont Park. They insist that Kindred have done this and swear bloody vengeance if the stone is not returned. Occult minded Kindred quickly explain that without the stone Piedmont Park's deadly ward is nullified. Some decide to take advantage of this time of weakness to "settle the score" with the Garou.

The Gangrel, unhindered by the Tremere, are able to recover Kay Lear's sword for their own, apparently purely sentimental, reasons. Erik the Gangrel becomes the sword's bearer, at least for know.

Shards of transcripts, apparently from a translation of an early rendering of the Book of Nod, begin showing up in the Atlanta area. Many fall into the hands of clueless, human collectors but some are recovered by the Kindred community. Strangely enough it is the Malkavians, not the Tremere that devote the greatest energy and reap the greatest success in the gathering effort. The Malkavians attribute many reason for zeal most of which concern crayon and modeling clay. Frustrated Tremere seem unsatisfied with the explanation.

Nosferatu led by Jarvis follow up on the encounters with strange creatures as reported by Sebastion. For their efforts they find passages leading from their sewers to the Water Treatment plant. Therein they encounter and do battle with the monstrosities. One adversary seemed particularly intelligent and called itself Sludge.


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