Chronicle Timeline Section
June 1994

Civil unrest rocks the Tremere as their supposed Chantry is burned to the ground according to two Gangrel witnessing the event. The same observers cite the old lieutenant, Walker as the guilty party and suggest he is angry over the appointment of Fenris and not he as Atlanta Regent. Some claim that violent clashes between the two factions is inevitable.

Inspired (or perhaps imported) by Sebastion's presence and success in Atlanta Brujah from near and far migrate to Atlanta. Clan Brujah becomes by and far the largest clan in the city. Many grumble quietly and fear for the balance of power. Ashton is visibly unnerved at this move, but makes no action against the growing support for Sebastion.

The Malkavian, perhaps in a parody of the Toreador clubs or out of boredom, hosts "Club Freak" a Kindred only night club of....strange tastes. Many feeding thereabouts complain of bizarre side effects. Many imply drugged blood dolls but no solid proof to implicate the Malkavians (or anyone for that matter) is found.

Jarvis of the Nosferatu announces his elevation to lieutenant in the growing absence of his elder. Many remember Jarvis's involvement with the Pit Fight so this declaration is met with mixed reviews.

Less popular Kindred become wary as the Assamite, Jamal Jai Singh, arrives in Atlanta. His reasons for choosing Atlanta are not revealed or even questioned. Perhaps he is on a mission or just drumming up business. In any case he quickly associates himself with Angus. The two share a congeniality which suggests an old acquaintance between the two.


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