Chronicle Timeline Section
March 1994

Alerted to the presence of Sabbat in the fledgling city of Atlanta, the Inner Circle sends the Gangrel Justicar to reconnaissance the situation and possibly respond. The presence of such a high ranking Kindred cows many of the gatherings attendees and rankles others. The Justicar holds a meeting to determine the fitness of the ruling Kindred a move that does not endear the Justicar to Ashton or the Primogen.

Apparently in response to this move the Sabbat launch one of their softening/testing attacks primarily composed of newly made expendable Kindred. Dozens of Frenzied Sabbat swarm over the Arts Exchange. The surprised Camarilla vampires only narrowly repel the attackers and the losses are great.

It is only after the carnage that it is realized that Jimenez, one of the Prince's enforcers and a warrior of terrifying prowess, has been captured by the Sabbat.

A follow up attack is launched against the Sabbat after the combined efforts of Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu and Malkavian unveil their launching point in Oakland Cemetery. The Sabbat are destroyed or routed but many are unaccounted for including a mysterious "Bishop" the Sabbat survivors reveal as their leader. Lydia is even recovered by her determined clan but she dismisses them and Atlanta, leaving the city that very night.


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