Chronicle Timeline Section
May 1994

The social coterie that formed last month dons the name "The Society of the Rose" and holds its second meeting. Whispering campaigns continue noting the members strange affection for secrecy and absence for extended periods of time. Several are spotted trafficking the lower levels of the Arts Exchange complex.

Reports that the strangeness at the Water Treatment Plant have resumed incites concern among the city's Kindred for they do not want the Garou to return. Ashton claims ignorance of the goings on even though it is his property. Under increasing pressure Ashton sends Calin Lee, a Ventrue along with a Brujah Sebastian Young to investigate the sewers surrounding the plant. Along with a few militant Kindred they invade the subterranean realm. In the midst of their investigation they are attacked. Other Ventrue listen in horror as Calin's radio transmits his last moments. The survivors, including Sebastian describe mutated Garou with astonishing strength and powers.

The collective Tremere arrive to the gathering late and rather bedraggled. It is later discovered that their Elder, Mortigan, has left the city and appointed Fenris his successor. The Tremere claim that Mortigan has been reassigned as an Archon in the Northeastern theater. Others offer less sundry answers including Diablerie or rogue Tremere.

Jimenez is freed from the Sabbat which have held him. Some say it was too easy while others (privately) comment that perhaps Jimenez should have been left to the Sabbat.

More Kindred disappearances attributed to the rumored hunters. A frustrated party composed of Sebastian, Max, Big Al, Jimenez and others set an ambush. Their efforts are rewarded as they encounter a team of hunters operating just at the fringes of the gathering. They are astonished by the prowess of their quarry however and amazed to learn that one of the hunters apparently wields True Faith. The leader of the hunters was struck with what seemed to be a mortal blow by Sebastian but disappeared in a burst of water when struck. The fight was a stand off, but the rumors are now fact. Atlanta is hunted.


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