Chronicle Timeline Section
October 1994

The collective Gangrel of Atlanta announce that their Elder, Erik has been destroyed. They offer no tangible explanation and turn down all offer of investigation. Aregano Firegutt steps forward to claim the position of Elder.

Strange men clad in form fitting black garments from head to toe appear shadowing the city's Kindred. They do not speak and seem to be intent on staking and dragging off Kindred who straggle from the larger groups. When fatally injured or unmasked the Lugo-men (as they have been dubbed) dissolve into a grey gel that evaporates with no trace.

Many Kindred experience "ghost" and prank calls on their phones including private or unlisted lines. Some answering these calls appear to be entranced and act of a will not their own.

Prince Jack Wild voices suspicions about the intentions of the Tremere, namely their Elder, Fenris Eber. He subsequently orders Fenris' arrest which is carried out by Jarvis of the Nosferatu, who viscously stake Eber. Fenris later escapes much to the Prince's chagrin and refuses further audiences with Wild.

The human vampire hunters return to a rude surprise. Sebastion lead a force of Kindred consisting of Gunter, Max, Wolfsbane and others which makes quick work of the banes of Kindred society. Only by invoking the name and, apparently, the power of God does the lead hunter manage to escape.

Nosferatu and others discover a "haunted" piano in the depths of the sewers. Dubbing it the Piano of Woe, several Kindred unwisely experiment with their finding. The results are injured but undaunted Kindred.

In between gatherings Jack Wild abandons the throne of Atlanta in the wake a particularly demanding confrontation with the Nosferatu Monty. No satisfactory explanation as to the power this Nosferatu used to force Jack Wild's abdication is ever forthcoming.

Count Victor von Baern, luminary and reigning Elder of clan Toreador also launches his ill-fated expedition to the Congo in the wake of this month's gathering. Regardless of the dangers, his charisma and unshakable confidence (read: insanity) serve to recruit many Kindred to join him in this folly. Among these were Xavier Montinesque of the Malkavian and Claremont of the Toreador.


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