Chronicle Timeline Section
September 1994

Ashton Kincaid steps down as Prince in the period between gatherings. His farewell speech is presented via video to his former subjects. Popular rumor has it that he now resides in the Bahamas.

Quick to take advantage of the power vacuum, Jack Wild, assumes the Princehood. Wild is a Brujah idealist and is supported by a consortium of powerful Kindred of Atlanta. Mr. Wild attempts to rally his subjects with promises of sweeping changes from the old system of favoritism, injustice and lethargy present under Kincaid. Many are doubtful but none move against him at this time.

A huge police raid of the Arts Exchange occurs. Police and Kindred clash in melee and gun play. Large scale breeches of the Masquerade are just barely contained. Even the Garou participate in the effort to drive the police off and contain the situation. The massive police effort is attributed to Omar who has exercised vast control over the city's police in the past. This coupled with the fact that Omar refuses to appear before the Prince to answer to these charges results in Wild issuing an decree for Omar's arrest.

Other reports indicate that the mysterious hunters have returned and somehow enlisted the aid of some Garou in their efforts to extinguish Atlanta's Kindred.


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