Chronicle Timeline Section
August 1995

Three Archons arrive in Atlanta to help settle the blood feud for Prince and control of the Domain. The blood feud has cost the lives of dozens of Kindred and their retainers and has been responsible for numerous significant breaches of the Masquerade and for destabilizing the region against the constant predation of the Sabbat to the south.

The three Archons are Marco Vadjic - Nosferatu, Josef Rech - Tremere, and Halloween Jack - Malkavian. Their first night in the city they institute several brutal policies to help bring the city's Kindred in line. Their edicts are responsible for the execution of an Elder before the entire gathering of the city for the Tradition of Accounting.

In seeming flagrant disregard for the presence of the Archons (or perhaps because of their presence) a number of bizarre creatures creep out of the sewers at various locations around the city, kidnapping various Kindred.


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