Chronicle Timeline Section
December 1995

December of 1995 marked the first month in which the Archons have left the city.

Palitus Donada Fitzhugh, a powerful and mysterious Nosferatu, makes his appearance in Atlanta.

Dr. Parnacter was killed during a Vortex meeting.

Thaumaturgy and ritual using Malkavians frequent the Arts Exchange seeking "the Enlightened One". They clash violently with the resident Tremere, particularly Dominik LaChance.

Rumors has it that a vampire slayer stalking the Arts Exchange for victims.

The Kindred, Dee, previously thought to be a Nosferatu, is revealed to be a Setite. She is allowed to remain in the city after swearing fealty to the Camarilla and Traditions before Prince Sebastian. Oddly enough she is put into the trust of Clairr Corbeau a fellow member of Dee's coterie, the Cult of Sekhmet.

Sebastian announces that he had slain his uncontrollably murderous child, Gunter, months ago.

After viscously beating a human attendee, militant member of Prince Sebastian's coterie, Michael, clashes violently with Clairr Corbeau who dominates him into submission. Michael swears revenge.

Erik Lassiter is discovered to be feeding the (cursed?, mind altering?) slime pool water from the sewers to Natasha's Childe (this act would later be blamed on the Lassiter duplicates wandering about).

One of Tigo Paine's associates is destroyed for Diablerizing an unnamed Kindred.

Erik Lassiter is implicated in an assassination attempt on the life of fellow Ventrue Scavis. When confronted Lassiter explodes into a pool of watery blood. During the course of the evening, several of these duplicates are located and destroyed. Lassiter is never able to satisfacorily explain these odd doubles and their nefarious activities.

CCME is attacked several times during the evening and calls upon his fellow Brujah for help. Towards the end of the evening he disappears. Whether he was killed, abducted or simply fled is unknown.


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