Chronicle Timeline Section
November 1995

The three Archons left the Kindred of Atlanta to their own devices. The Primogen assembled to vote for who would be the next Prince of Atlanta. The deciding vote was cast by Kevlar, speaking for the Gangrel clan Elder, Ruskalya, in absentia. Kevlar cast his vote for Charlotte Cooperthwaite's Childe, John. This tied the vote at 3-3, since the Malkavians had abstained. Sebastian Young immediately staked John, and fled the scene, later declaring himself to be Prince of Atlanta.

The Tremere known as Lassiter has his hands removed for some crime.

A shotgun wielding mortal threatens attendees until he is subdued by the Keeper of Elysium, Uwe Oppenheimer.

Thorn is staked for nearly violating the Masquerade.

Strange and enigmatic Tarot cards begin appearing in the city. Each comes with a riddle that, if properly solved, causes the card to convey mystical properties to the owner of the card. It is later discovered that when the cards are gathered in sets of special combinations, they can confer staggering amounts of power, but come with powerful and sometimes deadly curses.


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Dr. Lanyon James Parnactar, Elder of the Malkavians, Founds the Largest Corperation
known to the city of Atlanta. Some speculation that he is also the creater of the infamous
Tigo Pain.