Chronicle Timeline Section
September 1995

The three Archons spend their second month in the city of Atlanta, presiding over the actions of the Kindred within the Domain and serving as monarchs pro tempore until the city can resolve its blood feud and a Prince can take and hold the reins of power.

The Archons put the former Prince, Sebastian Young, through a severe inquisition in which they examine his possible Diablerie, breaking the Masquerade and inappropriate Blood Hunts. After rigorous hours of testing, Young is exonerated and the Archons uphold all standing Blood Hunts.

Jarvis, the Elder of Clan Nosferatu, a tyrant, a known destroyer of many members of his own bloodline and a role model for the future Tremere Regent, Arliss Khavkin, was also put to the inquisition by the Archons. His belligerence and the gaping holes in his memory caused the Archons to have Jarvis sent to the Nosferatu Justicar for further testing and reprogramming.

Roles in the city's administration are meted out by the Archons, with Dominik LaChance being appointed Sheriff of Atlanta and Uwe Oppenheimer appointed as the Keeper of the Elysium.

As Kia Ashford, Aniko and Count Victor von Baern respectively whine, antagonize and abdicate their positions of power within the Toreador; newcomer Augustus Caesar attempts to seize the Primogen seat moments before another relative newcomer, Nathaniel Ross attempts his own bid for power within the clan. Rather than tear their clan apart the way the city is being torn apart, the two politically savvy Kindred form an alliance, with Augustus taking the lesser position of Lieutenant to Nathaniel Ross who assumes the role of Primogen and Elder.

September of 1995 also saw the most incredible display of artistic expression to ever grace the halls of the Society of Saint Anthony. Surprisingly not at the hands of the Toreador, but at the hands of the mysterious and macabre entity known as "Ratman." The display included lights, sound, fog machines and a life's opus in crayola.

The Archons ended the night by publicly executing a high-ranking Sabbat infiltrator. Josef Rech engulfed the Kindred in mystical flame, rendering him into cinders.


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