Chronicle Timeline Section
August 1996

The Justicars of the Camarilla announce to the city of Atlanta that, because of the leadership of Prince Augustus, they have accepted Atlanta back into the fold.

Prince Augustus also rooted out several Sabbat that had been attempting to infiltrate the city and had them destroyed.

Xavier, an Anarch Brujah who had been very vocal against the Camarilla and the reign of Prince Augustus, was killed in the sewers by Benny Siegal and Marko Rinaldi; although many in the city were convinced that Augustus had a hand in Xavier's death, no positive proof was ever brought forward.

Clan Tremere, under the watchful eye of Archon Josef Rech, initiated a ritual to destroy the mystical Tarot cards and succeeded. It is said that the Prince Augustus, when he discovered the deed, flew into a violent and incoherent rage that shocked those Kindred in the city who were accustomed to Augustus' mild manner. Well known as an avid collector of the enigmatic Tarot cards, rumors had abounded that a substantial portion of Prince Augustus' power was tied to their arcane magicks.


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