Chronicle Timeline Section
February 1996

Donovan is lured away from the Arts exchange because he was the cause of a messed up deal with Sebastian. Sebastian then allows Max to diablerize him.

The Society of St Antony opens a bar under the supervision of Jake McCraig.

Black Spiral Dancers, posing as Pete and Malcomb of the Nosferatu, attack the Gangrel. One of the Gangrel Elders, Arik Corben, is abducted into the "spirit realms" by the Black Spiral Dancers. Eventually he somehow returns but does not explain how.

Jarvis is diablerized by Ozymandius Hasp with the permission of Sebastian and Malcomb.

A high ranking Tremere Monitor arrives in the city and quite indiscretely demands that the local Tremere slay the Malkavian, Ozymandius Hasp; perhaps in retaliation for the diablerie of the Nosferatu known as Jarvis. The local Tremere prove unwilling or unable to comply. Prince Sebastian later ejects the visitor from his Domain under penalty of Destruction.

The Tremere Regent, Samuel Argent, has his hands cut off by Prince Sebastian for his violation of the Elysium. He is forbidden to regenerate them that evening.

A ruckus breaks out in the Auditorium as a Blood Hunt is called on two relatively unknown Toreador.

Yet another Blood Hunt is called when the Kindred known as Gino is revealed, by Dominik LaChance and Augustus, to be guilty of sedition.


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