Chronicle Timeline Section
March 1996

Augustus is made Prince by Archon Marco Vadjic and Sebastian Young is recalled by his Sire to fight Sabbat in another city. The Primogen gather together and decide that Augustus is not fit to rule the city and give a list of names of potential replacements. An agreement is struck with the Archon to have Augustus supported and advised by Arik Corben, who was appointed by the Primogen, thereby creating a two-headed government.

Siobhan viscously attacks a small coterie of Tremere in the very halls of Elysium but is quickly subdued with their Thaumaturgy and then staked. The confrontation escalated when members of Vortex entered and continued the assault on the Tremere. In the end the Tremere retreated and Vortex made off with the badly injured Siobhan.

A ghostly figure materialized in the Primogen meeting and declared "Undercity" (a particularly deep portion of the sewers) independant of the Prince's Domain.

Stephan Jefferson, prominent Brujah, embraces the mortal zealot, Brother Aaron.


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