Chronicle Timeline Section
May 1996

Prince Augustus led a large group of Kindred into the sewers to confront the "sewer creatures" who had been harassing the Kindred of Atlanta for several months. Prince Augustus displays the magickal ability to hurl bolts of energy from his hands throughout the extended conflict. In the battle many noteworthy Kindred are forced to drink of the unwholesome waters of the creature's slime pool. The war party eventually prevails and the slime pool, the surrounding temple and all opposition are destroyed.

Peter the Nosferatu is pubically executed for diablerizing Siobhan and for plotting the death of Anus, the Elder of Clan Nosferatu.

Dominik LaChance mysteriously disappears from Atlanta. He is last seen in the company of the visiting Tremere Monitor.

The Pack destroys one of their own. Gregor is beaten into Torpor with the aid of Clan Brujah and then diablerized by Mort.

A strange creature calling itself Hess and displaying many unusual powers is found flitting about the Elysium. Hess claimed to be a member of the fey.

The well-meaning Malkavian, Dr. Martin-Lucas Prozac, was (seemingly) diablerized, much to the city's chagrin. Individuals such as Uwe Oppenheimer, Lissette Burke, and even 'The Pack' searched for the culprits. Upon finding the culprit, he was promptly thrashed, crucified, and disemboweled.


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