Chronicle Timeline Section
November 1996

The Gathering began when the newly appointed Seneschal, Mill, gave a long and tedious speech. The new Prince, Ozymandias Hasp, then made a few remarks and the Gathering was underway.

A Tzimisce attempted to infiltrate his way into the Tremere Chantry but was discovered by a new Tremere in town named Colin MacGregor. The Regent of Clan Tremere, Elsbeth York, elected to allow the Tzimisce to escape.

A horribly scarred and burned Kindred who had the power to entrance and horrify others with his singing was sighted several times throughout the evening, nearly breaking the Masquerade before he was shuffled into the sewers for questioning.

The Chamberlain of the city, Janus of Clan Nosferatu, began discussing Kindred business in front of a Kine newspaper reporter, and was most embarassed when the human was later in need of memory reprogramming.

Jacob Freeman, the Magister of Clan Tremere, began compiling an Occult history of the city of Atlanta, including information on the slime pool, the civil war temple, various ghosts and the dreaded "Lugo Men."


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