Chronicle Timeline Section
October 1996

The October 1996 Gathering saw the end of the constantly embattled but glorious reign of Prince Augustus Caesar. Prince Augustus stood before the Gathering wearing black motorcycle leathers rather than his usual frilly shirts and sumptuous frock coats. Just as he began speaking he was interrupted by Mill of Clan Brujah who began screaming about injustice and a new balance of power.

The conversation quickly disintegrated into childish name calling and insults, which shortly led to violence as rocket launchers, wolves claws and thaumaturgy lashed around the auditorium, embroiling nearly 50 of the city's Kindred in mass combat of exceedingly tedious proportion.

Prince Augustus was carried out of the auditorium and into the sewers by Navarre of Clan Toreador and was never seen again. Sinclair, the Seneschal of Augustus was slaughtered by Mort and Pegboy of the Pack; and Mikhail, the Prince's personal bodyguard, was brought down by a host of savage thugs.

The remaining Primogen in the city closeted themselves in chambers for most of the remainder of the evening, eventually declaring Ozymandias Hasp as the new Prince of the city.

Dozens of police showed up looking for Bored and Pegboy and many of them died. The Kindred of Atlanta banded together to attempt to push the story of the cops and their fate under the rug.


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