Chronicle Timeline Section
August 1997

A pair of "Hunters" are confronted in the Mirrored Room by Icepick, Wallace Earle, Bored, Eric and others.  Before being brutally slaughtered one of Hunters called upon the power of "God" and burnt one of his attackers with a brilliant white light.

A small production of "Faust" was performed later that evening in the Mirrored Room.

A "vine creature" of some sort entered the Elysium alternately discussing and attacking attendees.

Snipers seemed to single out and attack targets as they exitted the exterior stairway of the Arts Exchange.  Among the snipers' preferred targets seemed Rutherford Greene of clan Ventrue.

The Academia Vampiricum, an organization proported to teach and help exchange disciplines between Kindred, continued to make its presence and services known.

A small child was apparently sexually propositioned by a guest of the Society of Saint Anthony. The child attempted to flee the area but was run down and battered into a broken heap by a woman with supernatural strength.  The terrifying exchange was witnessed by several mortals.

The Prince announced a Blood Hunt on the Kindred, Colin Blackthorne.

The self-titled Anarch Joseph Pander arrives in the city and demands expanded rights for Neonates and Caitiff.  He is apprehended by the Prince and Adminstration and disappears into their custody. Rumor has it that is to be taken back to "Brujah HQ" and reprogrammed or Blood Bound to the Administration.  His supporters and friends demand his return and promise retribution if he is not released intact.

Tensions between the Prince and his servants increase as the Prince and Sheriff, Mort of Gangrel, are seen to engage in verbal and physical assault.

Erik Lassiter hosted his "Darker Side of Lust" art show.  Featured art included a photo collection of road kill by Clairr Corbeau.


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