Chronicle Timeline Section
December 1997

The Gathering opened as the newly appointed Seneschal, Erik Lassiter, began a speech about the new reign of Prince Wallace Earle. During the speech, the Gangrel Elder, Aric Khorben stood up and began loudly and publicly denouncing both the Seneschal and the new Prince.

Ruskalya, the Elder of Clan Gangrel from many years ago returned to the city and attempted to reclaim her place as leader of the Gangrel. Aric Khorben, already in an ire, put her in her place and retained his position as Elder.

Several members of the Pack were put on trial by the newly appointed Judges, Robert Mormont, Uwe Oppenheimer and Warlock of Clan Tremere. They were found innocent of the murder of Lucy Buono, the former Gangrel Elder, but were sentenced to one month in Torpor for lesser crimes.

The Seneschal, Erik Lassiter, was slain in the halls by an unknown assailant. Sure that the culprit was Sergei of Clan Nosferatu, despite a complete lack of evidence, Prince Earle called for the head of Sergei. This proved to be a poor decision, as those forces already against the reign of Wallace Earle allied themselves together and slew Wallace Earle in the midst of his own Primogen meeting.

After the bloody deed, Sergei of Clan Nosferatu declared himself Prince of Atlanta.


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