Chronicle Timeline Section
July 1997

The bodies of three derelicts were discovered in East Atlanta in an area known as "Cabbage Town" in an abandoned industrial complex. The bodies were bound in barbed wire ain a manner the police would only describe as "grotesque."

A mysterious, mirror bearing entity appears to several Kindred within the Elysium.

An auction of rare items is held but disrupted when a man suddenly manifests into a hideous lurching creature. A large combat ensued.

A rare jade and onyx chess set on display at the Atlanta Museum disappeared from its display case one night. The antique set was on loan from the Indian government and was valued at over $65,000. Museum officials are baffled as the display case and security system showed no evidence of tampering. A reward is being offered for information leading to its recovery.

Prince Stephan was seen to attack Ulmont in the auditorium; the Prince swung at Ulmont and missed, Ulmont swung at Stephan returned the blow but also missed, and they seemed content to end the conflict at that time.  Immediately after this, Ulmont was talking to a large individual in the auditorium when the individual opened a rift in the air; both stepped through, Ulmont returning some 10 minutes later, and seemingly in more composed and calm.

A vampire claiming to be an Archon was present at our fair city, but was thrown across the parking lot by Ulmont of Gangrel.

A Kindred arrived with what he claimed to be the head of Halloween Jack (an Archon who has visited Atlanta in the past).

The rising Ventrue, Rutherford Greene, was promoted to Ancilla status.

The Nosferatu sewers were once again rocked by fiery explosions.

Prince Jefferson and Wallace Earle announce a new method of taxation by which organizations in the city may make donations to the coffers of the Administration and receive an extra seat on the Primogen in exchange. Prince Jefferson also announces the wildly unpopular new edict of weapons permits which are to be required for all Kindred wishing to bear arms.


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