Chronicle Timeline Section
June 1997

In a theatrical flourish, Prince Hasp abdicates the throne of Atlanta. In a surprise move the former Prince of Atlanta retired his post during his traditional opening speech. Hasp's current whereabouts and condition are unknown.

Stephan Jefferson, former Castellan of Atlanta, immediately stepped forward to administrate the city. Prince Stephan proceeds to reorganize the city and establishing his power base. It is rumored that the legendary Wallace Earle, also of Clan Brujah, is Prince Stephan's right hand man.

Noted human occult researcher Emile de Turac is murdered by the Malkavian Anastasia. Anastasia was last seen interrupting the Brujah Clan meeting by calling the Brujah Elder, Erik Scheider, a wimp. Anastasia's whereabouts are currently unknown.


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