Chronicle Timeline Section
May 1997

The Lady Kia Ashford, of Clan Toreador, displayed an art exhibit for the assembled Kindred of the city. Several exclaimed the brilliance of her achievements, while others called the gallery exhibit "tepid and uninspired."

Former Seneschal, Mill of Brujah (aka Phill) forcible Embraced the long time ghoul of Toreador Elder, Lady Kia Ashford in the Elysium. Kia has openly accused Mill of multiple violations of the Traditions.

In the vicinty of Five Points Station an unidentified homeless person set himself on fire. While onlookers stood stunned the man declared that he was the first of many torches for the coming "Millennium of Darkness."

Civil workers reported eerie noises emanating from sewer pipes in the vicinty of Grant Park. Locals complain of humming manhole covers and strange music from drainage gutters.


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