Chronicle Timeline Section
November 1997

November was a month of wild rioting and military imposed martial law as the streets of Atlanta became savage seas of violent kine, rising up and striking against everything that they viewed as tyrannical. Matters were little less chaotic in Kindred affairs as Prince Stephan Jefferson failed to appear at the Elysium and rumors abounded that he had been slain.

In a swift and practically unresisted praxis seizure, the forces of Wallace Earle and Erik Lassiter claimed Dominion over Atlanta. Earle declared himself Prince and Lassiter became his Seneschal. The duo was quick to dismantle the Administration and power structure that Stephan Jefferson had put in place. Among the changes and policies instituted by Prince Earle was a radical new system of government loosely based on that of the United States government, featuring an executive, legislative and judicial branch. All standing Blood Hunts were repealed and amnesty was granted to any and all for previous violations and offenses. Prince Earle then declared two new Blood Hunts, on Stephan Jefferson and Ulmont.

Erik Scheider, the Keeper of Elysium, appointed Bruce O'Brien, an Aussie Gangrel, as one of his deputies appointed to watch over the Arts Exchange and keep the peace while the Primogen met in secret at one of the nightclubs in Atlanta known as the Chamber.


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