Chronicle Timeline Section
October 1997

The first strikes in the brewing war between the Family and the Pack were struck on this fateful night in 1997. Jack Wild was struck down by Prince Stephan Jefferson and Aric Khorben, the Elder of Clan Gangrel.

Clairr Corbeau, another member of the Family, had her severed head delivered to the Elysium by a recently Embraced and highly Dominated Kindred. No culprit for her murder was ever discovered.

Promising young Ventrue Rutherford Greene was killed as a member of The Family. It is believed that Mort of the Pack was responsible, as rumours of a long-standing rivalry had been circulating for some time. There were also several eye witnesses that attest to Mort's culpability.

Solstice, one of the more outspoken members of the Family was also slaughtered by Prince Stephan Jefferson, Sergei Romanov, Aric Khorben and the Pack.

Bunny and Jimenez, who were investigating reports of zombies at a nearby cemetery, were ambushed and destroyed by the Pack.

Wallace Earle and Erik Lassiter, the surviving members of the Family called for justice, while Prince Jefferson labeled the Family as a dangerous collection of seditious Sabbat sympathizers who engaged in blood rituals. The Prince declared a Blood Hunt on Earle, Lassiter, Icepick and Jimenez.

In a vigorous and spirited debate, Erik Lassiter has denounced the accusations against the Family and has called for the city to rise up against the yoke of tyranny and oppression that Prince Stephan and the Pack represent. Will the city never be free of their blood drenched talons?


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