Chronicle Timeline Section
September 13, 1997

The Anarch, Joseph Pander was re-introduced the city. During his custody with the Prince and Administration he apparently developed a strong appreciation for the Administration, authority and the Prince. Most seemed confident that he had been several re-programmed by his captors.

The Prince calls for a concerted effort to through off and contain any new Hunters that appear in the city.

The Harpies hosted a private social forum complete with refreshments and light conversation.

Marco, the resident Archon and self-styled maintainer of the Arts Exchange removed the protective ward from about the Auditorium that prevented mundanes from entering it. He angrily explained that given the number of breaches that occurred and the lack of discretion on the part of the resident Kindred it was obvious that they were not using his "gift".

Whispered tensions circulated about a conflict between the two powerful coteries, "The Pack" and the "Brotherhood" or "Family".

The apparent hostility and suspicion towards clan Tremere continued as charges of Sabbat implication were leveled against Rios Strabane. None of the charges held, but Strabane still seems the target of more than his share of malice and aggression.


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