Chronicle Timeline Section
September 27, 1997

The Prince of Atlanta moved this months gathering to an obscure educational facility on the southside of Atlanta, far from the urban environs most of the attendees were accustomed to. In his opening address Stephan explained that Marco, the resident Archon, was being difficult and the move was to avoid entanglements.

Several Kindred reported strange disappearances and large groups of Kindred, the Familyin particular, were seen stalking about the gathering in purposeful looking groups.

Rutherford B. Greene was noted operating at super-human speeds and apparently with Majesty as well, while in combat outside with an Obfuscated attacker.

The notorious Pack was strangely absent or unseen for large parts of the night.

Ulmont, leader of the Pack, was seen by witnesses attempting to dispose of a body down a storm drain. When confronted he fled and was not seen the rest of the night. Kindred at the scene identified the body as another Kindred, which was horribly torn apart and was quite dead. The body also showed signs of being fed upon.  Some recognized the victims remains as those of a newly arrived Kindred claiming to be a writer of some sort.

CCME, the Malkavian representative disappeared abruptly on the verge of a Primogen meeting.Given the increasingly violent nature of the last few gatherings many expressed concerns over his well being.

Jimenez, former enforcer for Prince Kincaid (circa 1994) returned to the city and made it clear he was quite eager to continue his past line of work.

Ventrue strong-arm Uwe Oppenheimer and Deputy Keeper Bored were staked and apparently taken into the sewers by Nosferatu Serge for a messy confrontation and multiple breeches of the Maquerade.

The Harpies, once again, hosted a lounge, offering shelter against the often boisterous and uncouth storm that seemed to be raging about the gathering.

Rutherford and Jack Wild were seen pursuing a drug addict who had just shot Rutherford in the chest.

Liza Grey, estate manager and ghoul for David Fitzroy, is rumored to have been killed in an especially brutal manner.

Seanna Carlisle of Clan Ventrue is promoted to Ancilla status by Elder Erik Lassitter in a ceremony at the Harpie's Parlor.

The third member of the Motley Three of the Ventrue, Anthony "Bunny" Capone, is apparently staked by the Administration and his whereabouts are unknown for quite some time. He later contacts several other Kindred assuring them that he is in good condition.


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