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August 1998

August of 1998 was a relatively quiet month for the Kindred community of Atlanta. Perhaps it was merely the collectively held breath of a vampiric community in fear of the mounting tension; perhaps it was the hush of preparation before the unleashing of the violent Sabbat storm that was to slash against the buildings and the streets of Atlanta in September. Whatever the cause of the relative silence of the Kindred, the Kine community of Atlanta was in an uproar as violence, vandalism, murder and mayhem littered the streets of the cities and the forests of the countryside with the bodies of those unable to escape the darkness.

Jonathan Steed, of Clan Brujah, first arrived in Atlanta in August of 1998. He was not the only new Brujah in town. A Kindred by the name of "Happy" Jack Dawkins was a visitor to the city, claiming to be looking for his lost brother. Unfortunately for "Happy" Jack, it was not a good time to be an unknown element in the Domain of Prince Sergei. Perhaps the recent Sabbat activity had made the Kindred of Atlanta too on edge, because Mr. Dawkins had not been at the Elysium for more than 5 minutes before he was turned upon by Corwyn del Ray, Jonathan Steed and several other members of the Brujah Clan and savagely beaten. A scrapper himself, Jack gave his best for several tense seconds before using his celerity to make an escape into the trees. Apparently driven to the point of frenzy by his harsh treatment, Dawkins returned a few minutes later and began mangling kine and their vehicles alike, hurling the wreckage from the edge of Interstate 20 into the Arts Exchange grounds. Prince Sergei, Seneschal Nunzio and a handful of Neonates, including Raul of the Setites and Quinn of the Tremere, staked Dawkins and moved him into the auditorium where justice was meted out in all appropriate swiftness.

The Brujah suffered another loss as the Archon Sebastian Young chose to leave the Atlanta Domain to return to Texas where continuing conflict with the Sabbat from Mexico had escalated to the pitched battle for control of Houston, Dallas and Austin. Although Archon Young did not formally disband the Crimson Guard, their activities began to decline sharply with his absence.

The Ventrue also suffered a severe loss of face this month last year as their Primogen and most visible notable, Seanna Carlisle was revealed to actually be a doppleganger named Laura Jones. Ms. Jones killed her long time rival, Ellanna Daniels, a Caitiff Astral Projector, who was alleged to be a Sabbat sympathizer. Ms. Jones claimed that she destroyed Ms. Daniels at the order of Prince Sergei. After composing a public apology to the city and the Ventrue, Laura Jones left the city and has not been heard from since. Uwe, the Sheriff of Atlanta, took control of the Ventrue and declared himself Primogen in the wake of Seanna Carlisle's unfortunate circumstance.

August of 1998 was not a complete loss, however. The Reverend Daniel J Tucker, the Prince of Jessup, visited the city and made a personal call on Prince Sergei. Introduced by Prudence, the Nosferatu Primogen, Reverend Tucker, petitioned Prince Sergei for concessions based on the Tradition of Hospitality. The specifics of their arrangement were never made public, but the Reverend seemed pleased after his audience with Prince Sergei was completed.

A tactical success in the brewing war with the Sabbat was also achieved. Talleyrand, an Astral Projector and known Sabbat Bishop that had been harrasing Atlanta Kindred and spouting propaganda to any who would listen was successfully tracked to his Haven and destroyed by the city's Administration. The details of the strike are not publically known, but it is rumored that Prince Sergei, along with a handful of Gangrel Elders, participated in the attack and that the Prince dealt the final blow himself.

An international celebration was held on the 31st of August as over 5,000 churces and cathedrals around the world celebrated a special service commemorating the birth, life and works of Leopold Aquinias Riggatone, Archbishop of the Venetian Archdiocese. A member of the clergy since 1936, Sgr Riggatone has received countless awards and noteriety for his service both in the religious and secular community as a volunteer, administrator and benefactor of numerous charity organizations and societys. Pope John Paul II presided over special services in Rome, presenting the Archbishop with a ceremonial stole to commemorate his over 60 years of service. August 31st also marked Sgr Riggatone's birthday. He turned 80.

Local authorities in Orlando, Florida, began working in conjunction with Federal authorities to solve a series of baffling mutilations and murders in the Orange County area that occurred in August. The patterns and specific details of the killings seemed to indicate a link with a similar series that occurred in Atlanta for several months. The suspected serial killer was believed to be linked with the more publicized "Pariah" murders. Lisa Paninaro, the daughter of Pentex Vice President Robert Paninaro, was the last of the victims found. Apparently abducted from her bed in their Kissimee mansion, her body appeared three nights later impaled on the spire of the First Baptist Church, Orlando. Paninaro and Pentex formally offered a 3 million dollar reward for any information that would lead to the capture of the murderer. The murderer was never found.

Finally, the wild horses which had roamed freely on Cumberland Island on Georgia's coast since colonial times were completely destroyed in August of 1998. The bodies of 84 horses were found in a large clearing deep in the marshy areas of the small island. Local authorities were baffled as to the possible reasoning behind the assailants' merciless slaughter of the horses. The horses, remnants of mounts left behind by Spanish colonists, were a central focus of the area's tourist trade. According to police sources, there appeared to be evidence of a dozen or more individuals who may have been involved, due to footprints and other markings left in the area. Although several leads developed, none of the assailants were ever caught.


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