Chronicle Timeline Section

February 1998

Prince Sergei issued a scalding challenge and decree to the Sabbat of Atlanta. Within hours a Sabbat infiltrator was captured, interrogated and publically executed. The relatively unknown Kindred Ivan Krakaukas surprised those present by staking the first Sabbat uncovered that evening.

Eucharid Yossarian's long awaited performance art piece was ousted by the night's Sabbat troubles. Many expressed their disappointment in missing the work and hopes are that Eucharid will perform at the next Gathering.

A pack of powerful Sabbat attacked in the heart of the Elysium. The Prince and other Camarilla Kindred countered them but the pack escaped under cover of magical darkness.

Congressman Jerry Jones visited the Society's Gathering and engaged several of the attendees in conversations ranging from philosophy, to the arts and politics. Not surprisingly, he was most often seen in the company of the Ventrue Elder, Seanna Carlisle.

The Sabbat pack from an earlier attack was themselves ambushed by Courtland and Stephan Jefferson. Most of the pack was destroyed in the encounter but Courtland was seen to flee with the inert body of one of their number.

A Mercuric gas bomb disguised as a vase was delivered to Arik, Elder of Clan Gangrel during a clan meeting by an unknown Gangrel neonate. As the vase was handed to Arik it exploded, showering an luminous gas in a five foot radius, thus affecting nearly all of clan Gangrel. As a result of this Arik and his children were overtaken by a strange madness for the remainder the evening. Later Kurt Meyer, a Malkavian Neonate, was implicated in the assault, but after extensive questioning was found innocent on the grounds of plausible deniability by the newly ascended Prince Sergei. In an ironic twist Mr. Meyer was later that evening promoted to Ancilla status.

The enigmatic Gangrel, Arik, was later seen to be engaged in a drawn out battle with a Kindred just outside of the Elysium. The battle ended with the unknown opponent being brutally beaten by Arik while held by an invisible force.


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