Chronicle Timeline Section
January 1998

Prince Sergei administrated his first gathering strongly restating his intentions to strictly enforce the Traditions and the Elysium.

A young Gangrel was seen grovelling at the feet of Toreador Euchrid Yossarian.

A memorial service was held for Erik Lassitter, former Seneschal and Ventrue elder. Speeches were made by Seanna Carlisle, Scarlett, Erik Corley and Euchrd Yossarian. Mort and some other Gangrel were apparently trying to disrupt the service, but arrived too late.

Numerous small children were sighted in and around the gathering place.

A small church less than three blocks away burned to the ground, evidently killing a number of children inside.

Cupid lives! A number of young Malkavians were apparently falling in love left and right with various other members of Kindred society. No nuptial plans have been announced as of yet.

Persephone was sporting a rather large bitemark, apparently from some very large animal.

Prince Sergei appointed Vincent Winthrope of clan Brujah as his Seneschal granting him the traditional powers associated with this post.

Rumors of a trophy hunt of Malkavian body parts fly about the evening.

Once again, the phrase 'clan war' is overheard on several occassions.

The greatly anticipated 1998 Ventrue Slaughter is apparently postponed.

An unusual man wrapped in Arabic robes was seen briefly in areas.  Those near him complained of a stench of charcoal.


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