Chronicle Timeline Section
July 1998

July of 1998 saw the first skirmishes of the brewing Sabbat conflict. The fires and violence in Florida continued to move north, leaking into the southern part of Georgia. Atlanta's sparse Camarilla allies to the south were on the retreat, but were taking what measures they could to close traffic along the Interstate systems and stem the flowing tide of the Sabbat war machine. Even occaisional reports of other, stranger, supernatural creatures involved in the conflict near the swamps of the Okefenokee would filter into the city.

Conflict also began in the Southwest as police brutality sparked a wave of riots in Houston and Dallas, resulting in the bombing of the several court houses, attacks on the National Guard and a state ordered curfew in both cities. Camarilla agents in both cities reported that all of the riots and attacks seemed to be spurred by Sabbat agents in the areas.

On the night of the gathering in Atlanta, Sabbat supported violence seemed to target the Primogen and Administration.

The Toreador Primogen, Kia Ashford, and Jared Leighton, the Childe of Seneschal Nunzio Capicllei were attacked from a pool of darkness by what are believed to have been Sabbat Lasombra who had infiltrated Atlanta. Fortunately, Prince Sergei was able to rescue both Primogen Ashford and Jared before the Lasombra could escape with them. Both of the assailants were killed before they could be questioned.

During a Malkavian Clan meeting, an unmarked package was discovered by Jonathan Crow. Before the package could be thoroughly examined, it exploded in a firey blast that, fortunately resulted in a great deal of noise and smoke, but no casualties.

Near the entrance of the Arts Exchange, on the blacktop, the Brujah Clan meeting was interrupted by a hail of bullets from the treeline as multiple combatants opened fire on the assembled Kindred. Although many of the Brujah scattered from the conflict, the Primogen, Benny Segal, fought valiantly against the attackers until he was overwhelmed and brought to Torpor. As fate would have it, the Archon Sebastian Young was just in time to save Benny from a worse fate as he drove the attackers away.

Continuing with his firm handed action, Archon Young then led the Crimson Guard in a violent attack against a local National Guard armory where it was suspected that Sabbat weapons were being delivered and held. The Crimson Guard returned victorious with a large cache of automatic weapons, armor and para-military equipment.

Emboldened by his successes in Florida, the Archbiship of Tampa, a psychic projector named Santiago, had the audacity to manifest before Prince Sergei and declare his intentions to rampage, destroy and burn a scar across the Domain of Atlanta. But Prince Sergei's spies had already located another location where the Sabbat were storing allies and armaments for an upcoming attack and the Prince personally led a large force of Kindred against this newest Sabbat stronghold. A long and grueling battle ensued, with the desperate and outmatched Sabbat, setting off several large explosions in an attempt to destroy the warehouse and all the Kindred inside. The resulting cataclysm was so destructive that it was feared Prince Sergei had been destroyed in the blast, after he had rushed back into the building to rescue a Neonate. Luckily, as the rubble was cleared away, Sergei was found to be alive but severely battered.

Trouble followed the Kindred even to their havens. Ventrue Primogen Seanna Carlisle was attacked by mortals in the guise of police officers as she was hosting a private party at her haven. The resulting conflict resulted in several police officers being killed and a squad car being torn into pieces by Seanna's devoted ghoul, Brutus. Once again fortune was on the side of the Camarilla as Seanna and her entourage escaped nearly unscathed.

Sadly, grief was not completely avoided in July, however, as the unfortunate Ventrue Neonate Dan Morgan, who had been abducted by unknown forces the previous Elysium, was ransomed to the Ventrue Senate. Even though his fellow Ventrue paid the requested ransom, Dan Morgan was found dead some time later.

In other Kindred affairs, the Caitiff David Quaid was publically announced to be in violation of the Second and Fifth Traditions and was ordered to present himself before the Ventrue Primogen by 10pm on the night of the Elysium. The Ventrue Primogen stated that Quaid would become hunted at 11pm if he failed to present himself. Prince Sergei later verified that the Primogen of each Clan had the right of Destruction for members of their Clan, but rebuked the Ventrue Primogen for attempting to call a Blood Hunt, which Prince Sergei claimed was his right alone.

Finally, in local Kine affairs, twelve murders were attributed to a serial killer walking the streets of Atlanta. The Atlanta Police Department reported that the twelve murders had all occurred in the span of a single week and each involved the mutilation of the bodies. At the scene of each murder the word "pariah" was scrawled in the victim's own blood. An anonymous letter had been received by the APD stating that the murders would continue and become more frequent. The FBI had been called and were forming their own task force for the investigation.


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