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June 1998

June of 1998 was a month in which tensions began to again mount as the Sabbat to the South began heating up the escalation of threats and violence as the summer sun heated up the landscape.

In an apparent retaliation for their defeat in Tampa in May, the Sabbat launched a major offensive on Orlando and Daytona Beach. Several political figures were slain in Orlando, who were reported to be Camarilla contacts in the city. Disney World reported that two of its board members retired and a new Chairman was elected. Crime rose drastically in the Orlando area hurting the tourism business that Clan Ventrue had major holdings in. An Archon was dispatched to make an appraisal of the situation in central Florida; the Archon did not return. All Camarilla cities in the SE were warned to remain vigilant against Sabbat incursions.

Fires rampaged across northern Florida, destroying homes and closing large sections of the state's Interstate Highway systems. Dry, dusty conditions added to record-scorching heat, contributed to the over 70 fires in late May and early June. Evidence collected from Camarilla intelligence operatives pointed to Sabbat war parties as the true origins of many of the blazes, as they burned Camarilla sympathetic Kindred out of their Havens, in their march north to Atlanta.

Authorities in Panama City Beach reported that 21 victims of an apparent ritual slaying were found in a beach house. The scene, described by a veteran detective, was "...[G]hastly...pieces [of the victims] were everywhere and it appears their blood was drained into small ceramic basins and then disposed of somewhere else." The FBI were contacted to assist the local police in investigating the crime which shocked the Florida panhandle. It was later confirmed that one of the victims was Anthony Mills, a Hollywood producer who worked was as an Asst. Producer on the Rockman films.

Back in Atlanta, David Yoorgis, the Gargoyle star of the Rockman films, announced the creation of the FANTUME Organization (the Foundation of Allied Neonates for Trust, Understanding and Mutual Enlightenment -- pronounced "Phantom"). Publically chided by the secretive Kindred known as "Bones," who claimed the organization was little more than a front for the protection of David's own assets, the FANTUME Organization made no public displays and David Yoorgis himself left Atlanta in July to pursue filming of Rockman IV in the distant islands of the Phillipines.

On a much grander scale, Sebastian Young, Archon of Brujah Justicar Don Cruez, and former Prince of Atlanta, arrived to aid the Domain in their ongoing struggles with the Sabbat. Archon Young organized a loyal group of Atlanta's Neonates into an effective strike team that came to be known as The Crimson Guard. Notable within that organization were Uwe Oppenheimer of Clan Ventrue and John Steed of Clan Brujah.

Nunzio Capicelli was initiated into his new post as the Seneschal to Prince Sergei after the untimely death of Vincent of Clan Brujah the month prior. Vincent was reported to have fallen in battle against the Brujah Elder, Erik Scheider.

After an extensive investigation Navarre, a Toreador ancilla, was found to be involved in the death of the Malkavian Dixie Krystal and was punished by Prince Sergei. Navarre has not been seen since.

In an unrelated investigation Erik Corley, an accused Sabbat diablerist, was put to the inquisition and found free of any black taint. He was exonerated of all charges.

During a formal ceremony in which Genevieve Fontage of the Ventrue was elevated to Elder status, Dan Morgan, a Ventrue Neonate, went berserk and attacked Brutus, the ghoul of the Ventrue Chairman, Seanna Carlisle. After suffering a savage retaliation, which included a public thaumaturgical attack by the Tremere Arliss Khavkin, Dan Morgan fell into Torpor. Upon being revived and questioned, it was discovered that Dan Morgan had been Mesmerized into making the attack. Dan Morgan was then publically humiliated and punished by the Follower of Set named Sepha. She broke his arms, tore out the bones and forced him to devour the marrow while an audience looked on. This was all in punishment for Dan's repeated use of Dominate on the Gargoyle, David Yoorgis. As though the poor Neonate had not suffered enough, Dan Morgan was staked and abducted shortly thereafter by a figure in a black ninja suit. Dan Morgan has not been seen since.

Finally, it was a truly bizarre month for local Kine affairs. Department of Sewage and Sanitation workers clearing clogged sewage systems near Piedmont Park were appalled to find hundreds of fresh dog corpses plugging the drainage systems. Nearly all of the deceased canines had been killed by gunshot wounds.

Adult parlours and smut shops received a huge influx of sales during the month of June as the porn industry took a boom swell in commerce and revenue.


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