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October 1998

October was a foul month for the Sabbat in Atlanta. After their failures in their attempted military strikes in September, the Camarilla under Prince Sergei dealt several decisive blows against the powerful Sabbat hierarchy. Treachery and defection by the Sabbat agents themselves compounded the sect's losses.

Tybalt Capulet, the Sabbat Archbishop for the southern states was found lurking around the Society gathering using high levels of Obfuscate. Once detected and cornered, however, he was surrounded by a number of Kindred that, though willing, were unable to strike against him because of his powerful Majesty. Finally, the Seneschal, Nunzio Capicelli and the Brujah Primogen, Benny Siegal, arrived and were able to make successful attacks against the Archbishop. A Tremere present unleashed a huge gout of flame and Capulet chose flight as the better part of valour and fled into the night.

Edgar Rook, one of the Sabbat Archbishop's enforcers, was not so lucky. Overtaken by a number of Camarilla Kindred, including Simon StCroix. The Tremere Antitribu was brought before Prince Sergei and sentenced to death. A high ranking and Elder Tremere from the Dallas Chantry had words with Prince Sergei and it is rumored that the Tremere Regent, Arliss Khavkin, was then allowed to diablerize the staked body of Rook.

This same Tremere Elder from Dallas later in the evening nearly started a clan war with the Gangrel over an item he claimed was Tremere property. That item, a claymore that was used to slay the Brujah known as Bored, was currently in the possession of Kevlar of Clan Gangrel and Kevlar got so worked up over the issue that nearly thirty Kindred assembled outside to watch what was certain to be a brutal fight. Luckily the Tremere Elder, who never raised his voice, relaxed his stance at the last moment and violence was avoided.

The Tremere had a busy night. Earlier that evening they had killed one of their own in a firey conflagration. The Tremere known as Frankie Manelli was burned to cinders. His crime? Offering to teach Benny Siegal the arts of Thaumaturgy.

The barbeque was hot that night as the Tremere did their best to roast the rogue Lasombra named Lucrezia. This Sabbat agent made an appearance and it is rumored even requested an audience with Prince Sergei himself. When put to the question, however, she balked and was put to the torch. Fortunately for her, she was able to use her powers of Obtenebration to make an escape. It is whispered among those Kindred who were nearby that Lucrezia was stating her intention to defect from the Sabbat sect.

Since we are back on the subject of the Sabbat, the particularly clever Sabbat infiltrator known as Carlos Pindar was discovered in October. Not only had he completely infiltrated the Brujah Clan, he had also infiltrated the Crimson Guard, the team of Camarilla special ops personally selected and trained by Archon Sebastian Young. Embarassing surprise, there. Fortunately, Carlos bungled and attempt to stake and kill Robert Steiger of the Tremere and was put down. It is rumored his heart's blood now strengthens Steiger's own blood.

Finally, the known Sabbat loyalist Viktor Rhein had his haven in Savannah sacked and was put to the splinter. Unfortunately, mortal authorities intervened and Rhein's remains were spirited off back to Eastern Europe before his Final Death could be assurred.

In other news, the Nosferatu put an end to their chronic problem of the sewer monster. Ever a source of unpleasantness, the hell spawning pits of the Atlanta sewer system vomited forth a new monstrosity. Chitinous armor, massive and powerful pinchers and forelimbs and a fearsome countenance that could set the most courageous Kindred to take heels, the beast was felled by a collection of Brujah and Nosferatu lead by Michael Collins. There are tales that the head of the beast adorns a wall in Collins' haven now.

The mysterious Tremere, Warlock, was called forth by Lucy Bono to perform a 'spectral reading', but both Kindred were surprised, instead, to hear what was reported as the voice of Dr. Martin-Lucas Prozac. Warlock closed the 'connection', but Prozac did not seem to 'cross back over'. His spirit vanished into the Elysium.

In Kine news, a vandal was apprehended on the evening of October 9th, scrawling a vast collage of graphitti on the bricks around Olympic Park. The message, which used nearly 900 bottles of red spray-paint, seemed to be some cryptic and strange poetry with apocalyptic, religious and Lovecraftian overtones. The perpetrator was detained and claimed to have no memory of the events whatsoever.


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