Chronicle Timeline Section
September 1998

The war with the Sabbat blazed like a brilliant fire across the nights of September 1998. The Sabbat from Florida made their boldest strike against the Domain of Atlanta since the city had been claimed as a Camarilla city in 1993. An explosion rocked the auditorium during the Prince's opening address as several cleverly placed incendiary bombs spewed fragmented shards of metal among the assembled Kindred.

Specialized strike teams of Sabbat assassins descended on the Society of St Anthony Gathering seeking specific targets, Arliss Khavkin of Clan Tremere, Nunzio Capicelli of Clan Brujah, Uwe Oppenheimer of Clan Ventrue, Lao Sun of Clan Toreador, Kevlar of Clan Gangrel and Prince Sergei all of them prominent members of the city's Kindred and most members of the city's administration, and all had attempts made on their lives. Lao Sun was not seen for many nights after and it was feared he had been slain. Several other Kindred were less fortunate, notably Chad Reston of Clan Toreador and Bored of Clan Brujah, each struck down by Sabbat assassins.

Arliss Khavkin of the Tremere was beaten into Torpor by an assassin squad, but was revived mere moments before the entire Tremere Chantry was engulfed in flame as multiple explosions rocked the compound. Several other members of the Tremere Clan were also attacked and beaten into Torpor, but all survived. Robert Steiger even assisted in destroying the Assamite responsible for the death of Bored of Clan Brujah.

Rafael Richiliu, shortly after claiming the Primogen seat of Clan Toreador, fled the Elysium when the bullets began to fly, leaving his Clan at the whim of the Sabbat forces. Luckily Lord Fitzroy was able to rally the Toreador and was able to neutralize several of the infiltrating Sabbat.

Prince Sergei led a martial strike force against a Sabbat stronghold that had been discovered. The Crimson Guard remained behind to defend the halls of the Elysium in his absence. Unfortunately, they would not prove strong enough to defend the hordes of attackers. Jonathan Steed, one of the captains of the Crimson Guard was overcome by the Sabbat, while attempting to defend the Brujah turf, and dragged off into the night. Fortunately, his Torpored body was discovered several nights later.

The attack against the Sabbat stronghold went equally poorly. Although many prominent Kindred were present, including Prince Sergei and Seneschal Nunzio, they failed to realize that the stronghold was actually a carefully orchestrated trap until it was too late. After slaughtering their way through a number of recently embraced and conditioned Sabbat Kindred, the Camarilla strike team led by Prince Sergei descended into a deep chamber beneath the bowels of the earth. Upon reaching the lowest crypt, multiple seismic charges exploded, cascading several tons of stone and mortar around the heads of the assembled Camarilla Kindred. Although none of the Kindred were slain, the force was effectively trapped beneath the surface of the earth for several hours, leaving the city largely undefended.

Two Lupines, disgusted with the Sabbat treatment of the Kine in Atlanta decided to come to the aid of the dangerously beset Camarilla forces, proving most effective in destroying a number of the attacking Sabbat forces; even engaging and driving away the by now infamous Rook Brothers, who seemed to be orchestrating a number of the Sabbat attacks against the city. Amidst all of the chaos and confusion, it was even whispered that the Sabbat Archbishop of the Southeast, Tybalt Capulet, made a brief appearance at the Elysium on some nefarious purpose.

In a matter unrelated to the Sabbat attack, the Ventrue followed up on some prior business by staking the rogue Ventrue known as David Quaid. They intended to put him to the Inquisition regarding his failure to recognize the authority of the previous Ventrue Primogen, Seanna Carlisle. Of course the Sabbat attack on the Domain of Atlanta had it's impact on the Kine community. Dozens of mortals were massacred and slaughtered, some in ritualistic fashion, in blatant attempts to destroy the Masquerade and bankrupt the Camarilla's influences with covering actions.

Finally, many of the more psychically aware Kindred in the city experienced a strange vision on the 5th of September. Perhaps it was merely the emotional and spiritual backlash of a city under supernatural siege or perhaps it was something even more sinister.


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