Chronicle Timeline Section
August 1999

Prince Thorian Vryce, in his second month as the monarch of the Domain of Atlanta, set down his official Decrees & Edicts before the assembled Primogen. In the Decrees, Prince Vryce declared such important matters as what areas of the city would be considered Elysium, how introductions would be handled, taxation and which Kindred had been appointed to the official positions within the city's Administration. In addition, Prince Vryce created a new position in the Administration, known as a Shepherd. Kevlar of Clan Gangrel was appointed as the city's first Shepherd.

House and Clan Tremere seemed to have a rough time of it during the August gathering as it was discovered that some sort of squatters had moved into the old Chantry grounds. An investigative team was sent out to make inquiries into the nature of the threat and rumor has it that the Tremere fared poorly in the resulting encounter.

Another prominent Tremere, the Seneschal of Atlanta, Arliss Khavkin, got into a confrontation with the acting door man at the Anubis Club, the Gangrel Autarkis known as Ash Styphon. Although only verbal violence was exchanged, the tension in the room was palpable and threats of torture and promises of execution were punctuated by snarls and sneers.

The Anubis Club was also the setting for a much more hospitable form of entertainment, as the Kine musician, Damon Young, gave a short and intimate acoustic classical guitar concert. Although the performance was an Anubis Club Member's Only performance, Bron Giovanni extended the opportunity to purchase advance memberships to those Kindred anxious to see the performance.

An Elder of the Toreador blood, the enchanting and enigmatic Samuramat, was viciously attacked by what was later discovered to be a Malkavian Antitribu. Luckily for Samuramat, Randal Sterling of Clan Brujah and Jared Knight of Clan Malkavian were on the scene to take arms against the assailant. It is rumored that the remains were brought to the Giovanni owner of the Anubis Club to ensure that the spirit would receive proper and lengthy torment.

Speaking of the inscrutable Bron Giovanni, the normally mild mannered, polite and gracious host of the Anubis Club was witnessed by some storming through the halls of the Elysium, quivering with rage. For no less than ten minutes he could be seen alternating between shaking with barely supressed fury and screaming that he would flay the soul of the individual that had stolen some of his property. At one point Bron Giovanni brusquely demanded an immediate audience with the Tremere Regent Pro Tempore, Antonin Artaud. The two locked eyes in the Auditorium and proceeded to stare fiercely and wordlessly at each other for several minutes before Bron Giovanni stalked away at the command of Prince Vryce. Although numerous prominent Kindred in the city were seen assuring Bron Giovanni that they would assist in capturing the thief, the Italian Kindred with the scarred face didn't seem to regain his composure until the following evening when he held a most unusual private party at the Anubis Club.


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