Chronicle Timeline Section
December 1999

The Anubis Club was host to a holiday celebration during the December 1999 Elysium. Numerous Cainites around the city brought decorations, gifts and cuisine reminiscent of the festivals that they enjoyed while they were still mortal. A relaxed atmosphere settled over the gathering and most seemed to feel it was a time for socializing rather than manipulating and sneering.

The billionaire and industrialist, Carlos Tet, chose to make a visit to Atlanta and revealed himself to the Cainite population to be something much more than human. Although many believe he is a powerful Methuselah vampire, a select few whisper that he is something else entirely, a mummy. The magicks that he wields are unusual, to say the least. Whatever his nature, Tet was searching for three Egyptian artifacts that he claims were stolen from his private museum and that he has traced to Atlanta. Tet was offering exorbitant wealth to those that can return the items to him. Bron Giovanni, owner of the Anubis Club and known collector of Egyptian relics, was seen speaking at great length with Carlos Tet, although the subject of their dialogue is unknown.

Rumors run rampant that the Brujah known as Angel was put to the Gauntlet because she had been responsible for the death of Jonathan Steed. It is whispered that Steed's heart had been removed by a Setite and that Angel held the heart, a gallon of gasoline and a match. These accusations have not been officially confirmed, however.

An expedition, led by Michael Collins of the Nosferatu, went deep into the Labyrinth to investigate the Runewall and the Shadow Creatures that have been appearing near that area. A large battle with massive shadow crocodiles occurred and two of the cities most stalwart Kindred, Kevlar and Ren, were nearly slain but for the fortunate quirks of fate. Although Bron Giovanni provided months of occult and arcane research to the expedition to lay the matter of the Runewall finally to rest, it is unknown if the proper rituals were enacted.

In another wild antic of crazed insanity, Clan Malkavian, stole the large Christmas Tree from the downtown Macy's location and brought it to the Society grounds, complete with brand new decorations, including decapitated heads, blood and entrails for garland. Let's hear it for the Masquerade.


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