Chronicle Timeline Section
January 1999

The Society of Saint Anthony Gathering of January 1999 began with Sergei Romanov, Prince of Atlanta announcing that the long siege of Atlanta was finally at an end. As a gesture of good faith and celebration, Prince Sergei granted amnesty to all Kindred currently being sought for breaking the Traditions, including the breaches of the Masquerade that had occurred in the bungling robbery of the Atlanta Zoo in November of the previous year.

The Tremere mourned the loss of their former Regent, Elsbeth York, who had been a long standing and influential member of the House and Clan Tremere. York had held sway with a number of influential Kindred in the city of Atlanta during her relatively lengthy residence; despite rumors of a checkered past and former liaisons with members of the Sabbat. Elsbeth left the city, giving little warning of her departure and giving no reasons for her leaving.

The Toreador watched the ascension of Sun Lao to the Primogen seat of their Clan, taking the position from Rafael Richiliu. The Toreador also welcomed their newest member, the enigmatic and alluring Samuramat. Despite all of their meeting, greeting and social climbing, the Toreador still had time to divert a potential attack on the High Museum of Art. One for the Roses.

Not to be outdone, the Brujah Primogen seat changed hands as Corwyn del Ray stepped down to make room for the new leader of the Atlanta Brujah, Benny Siegal. Miraculously, the shift in power within the Brujah clan occurred without violence or even threats of violence to come.

Several members of the Malkavian clan attempted to start their own version of the World Cup using a severed head as a soccer ball and passing Kindred as the goal. The Sheriff, Michael Collins, quickly put an end to their antics, however. The Malks undoubtedly found their severed head not long after a UPS truck full of bodies slammed into the Arts Exchange after littering Interstate 20 and the road leading to the Arts Exchange with bodies.

A horrible snafu involving the Ventrue known as Derek Michaels, the Childe of Uwe Oppenheimer, embarrassed the Kindred of Atlanta on an international scale. Several emissaries from the Prince of Moscow had arrived in Atlanta in search of a missing artifact. When the business meeting went sour, Michaels ended up nearly killing and then Embracing one of the visiting dignitaries, infuriating the Prince of Moscow and sending ripples of distress throughout the city. To make amends for the gross transgression, a personal expedition to Moscow, including the Tremere Regent, Arliss Khavkin and Uwe Oppenheimer set out to make reparations. Derek Michaels unfortunately did not survive the encounter with the Prince of Moscow.

In lighter fare, the garou known as Riff Raff entertained guests in the Anubis Club by performing a number of tarot readings on the Kindred in the city. Many were dazzled by the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Also puzzling was the appearance of a psychic presence that manifested several times during the evening. Appearing as a quadraplegic in tattered linens, the curious and obviously unhinged kindred caused quite a stir.


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