Chronicle Timeline Section
July 1999

The Kindred of Atlanta received a harsh awakening this gathering as two Archons, Grim and Violent Bill descended on the Elysium and declared Martial Law. The Archons raged at the sloppy breaches of the Masquerade that had occurred in June and demanded that the Primogen of Atlanta assemble and declare a new Prince of the city in Sergei Romanov's absence. The Archons further demanded that each Clan present themselves, in full, to themselves in preappointed meetings. Finally the Archons decreed that all Caitiff and Kindred not of the seven Camarilla Clans find a Clan to sponsor them or else be banished from the city.

As the Kindred were about their Archon ordained business, nefarious schemes were afoot. Several Sabbat Lasombra made attacks with varying success against Kindred on the Elysium grounds and elsewhere. One Kindred, Scarlett O'Hara, sometimes known as the Elder of Clan Caitiff, met Final Death, during the gather, it is not yet known if the Lasombra were responsible.

The decapitated corpses of three female Kine were delivered into the auditorium, with the heads strung separately on a rope, like beads. Each of the heads had been made up to look like a clown and a Camarilla slandering note was left with the corpses.

In more pleasant news, Bron Giovanni unveiled the newly refurbished Anubis Club, much to the delight of those few Kindred that were able to take a moment to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the locale. One group of Ventrue had a small celebration in the club late in the evening as they christened the Embrace of John Simpson Dyer.


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