Chronicle Timeline Section
June 1999

After shocking the Kindred of Atlanta in May by announcing his intention to abdicate the throne of Atlanta, Prince Sergei Romanov once again took the city by surprise as he failed to make an appearance at the June Elysium. To add to the mystery, Nunzio Capicelli, the Seneschal, also failed to make an appearance. Rumors and gossip began to fly regarding the potential whereabouts of the City's top administration.

Some nefarious elements took advantage of Prince Sergei's absence to perform attacks within the Elysium. Regent Arliss Khavkin was once again the victim of an assault by an attacker using the shadowy powers of Obtenebration. Khavkin's Tremere were quick to incinerate the attacker with several vulgar gouts of Thaumaturgical flame, however.

Salvatore Giovanni once again paid a visit to the Elysium, this time with his nephew, Bron Giovanni, in tow. Salvatore Giovanni took a private moment alone with each of the Primogen representatives in the city to invite them to a secretive auction to be held in the Anubis Club at 11pm. The auction, which lasted nearly an hour, saw high stakes and fierce competition as the Toreador, Gangrel and Malkavian representatives bid in a furious fiscal struggle for the prize, an elixir which apparently contained the mystical power to strengthen a Kindred's blood.

Those Primogen that were not busy with the auction were out on the town conducting a completely different type of business maneuvering as a large strike force of Kindred, organized by the Ventrue and consisting of Brujah, Malkavians and Tremere martialed power inside the Lotus Towers in Buckhead, to bring to a close a hostile takeover of a multinational corporation attempting to get a foothold in the Atlanta financial market. Although not without severe repercussions, the raid was tentatively considered a success.


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