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November 1999

November of 1999 found a rare occurrence in Atlanta's history: a bloodless coup. After the sudden disappearance of Tremere Arliss Khavkin, who was the first to claim Atlanta's throne after Thorian Vryce's apparent demise, Ventrue elder Genevive Fontage stood in front of the assembled body of Atlanta Kindred, claiming Domain over the city. With bold proclamation, Toreador Wynn Douglas made the announcements and confirmed the new Prince's oaths to uphold peace and Camarilla tradition.

As the proclamation was completed, Lord Fitzroy, the often absent and enormously eccentric Toreador defied Fontage's claim to the Domain, citing numerous acts of violence and action in conflict with the Traditions she was claiming to uphold. Heated words were exchanged and votes were called. Jonathan Crow, long regarded as both having the ear of Genevive Fontage and the true power behind the Malkavians, made claim that any votes against Fontage were votes for one's own demise.

The vote of the Elders of the city confirmed Fontage's claim on the throne and relative peace seemed to settle over the city, as if her promises were made true merely by her taking the title of Prince.

The power shift was considered surprising by many, as few even whispered that Genevive Fontage would make such a manoeuvre, and fewer still thought such a change would take place unopposed by her significant, outspoken and powerful detractors. Many in Atlanta anticipated a bloody civil war, but for a time at least, it would seem that cooler heads prevailed and have placed the Clan of Kings back under the yoke of leadership.

But perhaps all was not so peaceful. Rumours abounded of a war beneath the streets as a battle between various factions in Clan Nosferatu. One calling himself Lord Abaddon of House Moussilon came against the Michael Collins, the Primogen of the Nosferatu. Surely a matter for the Clan to settle on its own, whispers tell that neither side relied solely on Nosferatu allies. Reports have indicated that Gangrel, Setites and Tremere embroiled themselves in the conflict. There has been no formal declaration of the outcome, but Michael Collins is now the Keeper of the Elysium for the city of Atlanta, and Lord Abaddon has not been seen.

Also notable at the November 1999 gathering were the appearances of many exceptionally powerful and wayward Kindred that had not been seen in many months or years. Ramius Markov of the Ventrue, Nunzio Capicelli of the Brujah and former Seneschal, Stephan Jefferson a former Brujah Prince of Atlanta were among the many titans who descended upon the gathering. If there was any purpose or method to these Cainites all assembling after such long absences, none will speak of it.

Even stranger was the fledgling Prince's decision to allow three known Lasombra and prominent members of the Sabbat to wanderly the Elysium freely under the auspices of a non-aggression truce. Many of the more Traditional Camarilla Kindred took umbrage at the allowed presence of these agents of malfeasance.

Bron Giovanni, the owner of the Anubis Club, once again brought entertainment to the Elysium as the Malkavian known as Spirit performed several vocal solos in the Club just after midnight.

What may have been most curious about the November gathering, however was the reappearance of Arliss Khavkin. Thought to have fled the city in shame after the public pronouncement of his collusion with the Sabbat, Khavkin wandered the halls of the elysium with no accounting for his alleged sins. It is said that Khavkin was whisked away from the Prince's chamber by the same Sabbat Lasombra that were welcomed into the city by Prince Fontage.


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