Chronicle Timeline Section
October 1999

Clan Brujah mourned the loss of one of their Elders and welcomed a newcomer to the city. Benny Siegal, a once Primogen of Clan Brujah, left the city of Atlanta to pursue other interests abroad. Michaeleena O'Neil, joined the Cainite citizenship of Atlanta, bringing her own philosophy of Kindred existence and government; taking the time to speak her ideals to a large group of assembled Neonates, Ancilla and Elders, including Howard A Dunwich, Prophet and Adelade of Clan Malkavian, Father Black the alleged Lasombra and Drago the self-proclaimed Setite.

The Malkavians welcomed a strange new member of their Clan named Prophet. Allegedly hailing from the California Free State, Prophet is easily recognizable by his Mr T hand puppet, a puppet that he claims is sentient and wiser than you know.

The strange Spaniard named Ramon was present, and claimed to be searching for an evil spirit that he must find penance from. Toreador Primogen Wynn Douglas, allegedly possessed by this evil spirit, attacked Ramon with a mystical dagger in the Anubis Club. In the ensuing melee, Bron Giovanni used an impressive amount of Potence to subdue the Toreador Primogen long enough for the spirit to be driven out and for Wynn to regain control of himself.

Another Toreador suffered a violent fate, as Kaleb, the new Manager of the Anubis Club, was brought into the club by several mortal police officers in a state of Torpor. Quickly rushed into Bron Giovanni's office, it is uncertain what events led to Kaleb's brutal beating, but his clanmates were swift in descending on the Club to assist him. Kaleb was seen later in the evening in a recovered state, but was nonresponsive regarding what had happened.

A large expedition of Tremere composing of Mantegnan Von Licht, Richard Strauss and led by the Regent Antonin Artaud accompanied a contingent of Nosferatu, including Lord Abaddon and the mysterious House Moussilon, into the sewers to investigate the enigmatic Runewall. Joining the force were a number of the city's Administration, including Prince Thorian Vryce, Seneschal Arliss Khavkin and the newly appointed Sheriff Ren. Whilst in the sewers, the expedition encountered a number of hostile shadow monsters taking the form of creatures such as rats, dogs and gigantic alligators that were capable of tearing a Kindred in half. All of the attacks became more concentrated and aggressive as the expedition neared the area of the Runewall, as if the shadow beasts were trying to keep the Kindred away from the area. To complicate matters even further, Nosferatu Primogen Michael Collins and Lord Abaddon of the Nosferatu got into what is whispered to have been a heated argument over who had domain within the sewers. The most distressing event of all, however, was the disappearance of Prince Thorian Vryce, apparently manifesting in Psychic form, he was somehow dragged into the Runewall and a cryptic message of confusion and terror were his final contact with the city.

The Ventrue suffered a crushing blow as Breen, their Clan Lieutenant and one of their financial tycoons, was slaughtered by an unknown assassin and his Cloaking accomplice. Although the identity of both of the savage and small-minded assassins is currently unknown, reports from eye witnesses have stated that the assassin was capable of advanced levels of both Fortitude and Potence and displayed a moderate amount of Celerity. Attacking Breen to the exclusion of those who attempted to protect and retaliate for the Ventrue Lieutenant, the assassin was able to absorb substantial amounts of punishment and still escape. A number of Kindred in the city, including the Ventrue Elder and Keeper of Elysium, Uwe Oppenheimer, have offered a substantial reward of $10,000 plus additional holdings for anyone that can produce the assassins or can bring information that will lead to their capture.


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