Chronicle Timeline Section
September 1999

The September 1999 Gathering of the Kindred of Atlanta was a time of violence for the Gangrel and Tremere. Rumors that started months ago about a brewing Gangrel-Tremere war seemed to be coming to fruition. Ash Styphon, a Gangrel Autarkis who had a well known disgust for those of the Tremere bloodline attempted to plot the death of the Tremere Seneschal of Atlanta, Arliss Khavkin. Unfortunately for himself, however, he chose to conspire with the Keeper of the Elysium, the Brujah known as Benny Siegal. Benny gathered several other Brujah, including Jonathan Steed and Helios and, along with the Thaumaturgical aid of Arliss Khavkin, were able to subdue and beat into Torpor Ash Styphon. Arliss Khavkin then used his mystical powers to bring Final Death to the Gangrel Anarch, claiming that he had the power of Destruction. The Gangrel Prince, Thorian Vryce, is rumored to have not sanctioned the Destruction.

Kevlar, the Shepherd of Atlanta, and an Elder of Clan Gangrel, attacked Arliss Khavkin when he heard of the Destruction of one of his bloodline. Arliss used his Path of Mind to Snare Kevlar while his troops martialed around him. Fortunately, Prince Thorian arrived on the scene and put an end to the confrontation before more serious violence could erupt.

The Tremere also suffered several casualties in September. Arliss Khavkin claimed to have personally destroyed five of his own Tremere that he claimed had turned down the dark path of Infernalism, although no evidence was delivered for any wrongdoing on the part of the deceased. Regardless, it appears that the Seneschal of Atlanta is on a killing spree and dark times are ahead for the city.

Speaking of dark, the Anubis Club hosted another live performance, this time by Master Banshee and her submissive Moncrief. Both of the female performers were exceptionally attractive and dressed in fetish finery. The performance involved the beating of Moncrief with a leather whip, the dripping of hot candle wax and the slicing of her flesh with long bladed dagger. Bron Giovanni was noticed watching the performance from the corner of the Club with intense relish.

The Ventrue saw the return of an old friend as Seanna Carlisle returned to the city. Although the reasons behind her visit to Atlanta are not known, it is rumored that she made quite a scene during the Ventrue council meeting and used her powers of Dominate and Presence to force her will upon others in the Elysium. It is also whispered that she Embraced one of the Ventrue ghouls before escaping into the night.

The Nosferatu once again had to deal with the emergence of one of the strange shadow creatures that have been repeatedly sighted within and around the city's sewer systems. This time, however, the creature took the full form of a human being. Bron Giovanni, an expert in arcane and occult research, was called to the scene to attempt to communicate with and examine the creature. Although Bron Giovanni attempted a number of ancient and strange languages, the creature was apparently incapable of any form of communication other than a strange moaning shriek; the shadow man flinched from any form of bright light and the Giovanni discovered that the creatures apparently take significant damage from weapons made of silver. Most interesting of all, the creatures are apparently completely devoid of anything resembling a soul.


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