Citizens of the City of Atlanta:

This proclamation is dated Monday, July 15, 2002 A.D.

As you know by now, this is the beginning of a new time in our city. Anyone who has spent more than a month here knows that enemies are found within and without, but the worst are always from within. Here is where we find ourselves again, and this is how I came to be your Prince.

Many appreciated Kaleb as a respectable Kindred and Prince, who treated many with kindness and courtesy. But many more appreciated the fact that he was a pawn of powers beyond his ken, powers that sought to manipulate not only him, but each member of the Camarilla within our fair City.

While not the first victim of their manipulations, the most striking was Jonathan Crow. Crow, long known and respected by almost everyone in the City, even if feared and even disliked outright. This one Kindred stood against the infiltrating forces that sought utter dominion over our unlives. Knowing even such a mighty Kindred as Crow would be at risk if she tried open opposition, Crow instead opted to be a counter-balance to their effects, knowing that their effects would run rampant without the Malkavian's interference. The momentum which led to the Blood Hunt of Crow was set in motion by hands which have no place in the politics of a Camarilla city, nor anywhere within Our Design.

To go further back, as part and parcel of the Sabbat infiltration of Atlanta, funds intended for the good of the city were diverted to the personal gain of Kaleb and his cronies, as well as to the detriment of City investigations and improvements. Generation vials were purchased at Giovanni auctions using City funds, funds that ~you~ contributed to see our Enemies broken, but instead fattened the bellies of the corrupt regime. The bank accounts of the Regime swelled while the Shadow Church and Interfaith Church ran amuck, while ~no~ investigation of the Shadow infestation of the Sewers took place and while loyal members of our community disappeared to threats that could otherwise have been averted.

To those who would threaten My rule and the peace and Order within the City, I can assure you while the desire is for minimal bloodshed, if you make the slightest move against me, every effort will be made to ensure that the bloodshed is instead maximized. You are facing a force which will show no fear and no mercy to those who stand against it, and will relentlessly seek the Destruction of not only yourselves, but any who conspire with, support or encourage you.

The influence of Richard Strauss, Arliss Khavkin and other members of the insidious Black Hand have corrupted our City long enough. The compromises, weaknesses and outright betrayals of past regimes have allowed the Sabbat influence to grow out of control, where now Atlanta is known as 'the cesspool of the Camarilla.' No more, I say...this very night, we see a new Order in Atlanta, a new sense of Security, of Empowerment for her citizens, Loyalty to Our Design.

Tonight is the first night of the New Atlanta. And with this rebirth, we shall show the Enemy that we are bloodied, but unbowed, and this City shall emerge stronger than ever.

Article I. Blood Hunts and Punitive Actions

The rule of law in the past, at least in effect, has been one of two options: law-abiding or Blood Hunted. The preposterousness of this position should be obvious. A Blood Hunt as defined as an open allowance for the Destruction and even diablerie of a named Outcast still has its place, but it is set at the pinnacle of an arrangement of punitive actions. In view of this, the status of some Outcasts will not necessarily fit under the strict definition of Blood Hunted. This is ~not~ absolving them of their crimes or accused crimes, but permitting review of the situations specific to the individuals, the crimes and their context.

The Active Blood Hunts that shall carry over into My Administration are:

  • Richard Strauss, Sabbat, Clan Tremere - rumoured destroyed, but until proof is brought forth the Hunt remains active.
  • Alexander Harbinger, Brujah
  • Alexander Gaunt, Tremere

Citizens are strongly urged to remember that the Right of Destruction belongs to the Prince alone, and Blood Hunts or "contracts" are not legal under My Domain unless I personally ratify them. The only ratified Blood Hunts active at the time of this Proclamation are listed immediately above. As all heated proclamations to this end have been retracted, the actors in these cases are consider censured for their actions.

The following individuals are Wanted for Review:

  • David Kendrick, Caitiff
  • Jacob Stone, Nosferatu
  • Taylor LaGrange, Gangrel
  • Abrahm, Caitiff
  • Dallas Winters, Caitiff

They are to be brought in individually and are not to be slain unless it is unavoidable. If they are slain without the Cabinet's explicit permission, the person or persons involved will be tried by the Cabinet and Myself.

Any action taken by these individuals against the law-abiding citizens of the City of New Atlanta or the stability and operations of its Administration shall result in their status to immediately revert to Blood Hunted.

These individuals may surrender themselves to the Administration, and such actions will be considered during their Review.

Further assistance in the apprehension (or in the case of Blood-Hunted, the destruction of) other individuals in this Article will weigh heavily in the Review for the complying individual.

Article II. Independents and Caitiff

Effectively immediately, all members of Clans not normally associated with the primary Seven of the Camarilla (hereafter known as the "Independant Clans" or just the "Independents") who have previously registered with the City are returned to a welcomed status under the rights of My Domain and by My Hospitality.

The Independent Clans are described as: Followers of Set, Giovanni, Assamite and the antitribu of Clans Lasombra and Tzimisce. Other bloodlines not mentioned shall be reviewed on a case by case basis.

All individuals meeting this criteria are to report to Me personally to discuss matters of personal domain, business agenda, political affiliation and other situations.

Caitiff and Independents are no longer required to be "sponsored" by a sanctioned Clan to remain in the City, as long as they obey the Traditions and My laws. Any edicts of prior Administrations to this effect are officially rescinded. If any Caitiff or Independent is currently under the sponsorship of a sanctioned Clan and wishes to continue to retain that status, it is a matter to be decided between the individual and the sponsoring group.

Any who chose to remain sponsored are afforded the rights ~and~ the responsibilities to the group who has chosen to sponsor them.

Members of any Clan who willfully and knowingly misrepresent their Clan and/or bloodline lineage to the Administration or to Clan authority will be punished as fitting their specific actions, intent and circumstances.

III. The New Administration

The governing body of New Atlanta will be radically different in some ways than the titles and pretense you may have grown accustomed to under previous regimes. The Administration shall be divided into two sections, the Cabinet and the Council.

The Cabinet is as follows:

  • Prince and Imperator: Antonin Artaud, Tremere
  • Minister of Information: James Gravino, Ventrue
    This replaces the previous position known as "Seneschal"
  • Minister of Records: Catherine DesForges, Toreador
    This replaces the previous position known as "Dauphin"
  • Minister of Resources: Serenity Wang, Ventrue
    This replaces the previous position known as "Chancellor"
Additional positions will be filled as need requires and time allows.

The Primogen Council will serve the same function as being the connection between the Cabinet and the citizens of the City. However, it shall no longer be a matter of one representative per Clan. Instead, to allow for greater flexibility and representation for the citizens, Primogen shall represent groups of interest, focusing the needs of each collective and dividing the responsibilities so smaller groups and Clans might not be unduly burdened, while ensuring those with greater stakes in the operations of the City have their voices heard appropriately.

The Regency of Clan Tremere shall be transferred to a new person upon decision by the Tremere hierachy, as to keep from a distinct conflict of interest of overlapping titles and positions.

Article IV. Miscellaneous

The material remains of the following individuals are to be brought to Me immediately, if they still exist:

  • Nyx
  • Dr. Kyle Rickman
  • Kaleb
  • Jonathan Crow

Also, the item known as The Blessing of the Camarilla is to be brought to Me personally. Withholding of the above items and/or information regarding their whereabouts shall be considered a Criminal action. Compliance with this measure will be taken into consideration if the Kindred who brings them forth is under Review.

Aside from the aspects about Crow's demise which are under Review, the death of Nyx is also under Review.

The final disposition of Hamish of Clan Gangrel is to be reported to Me as well. If he is functional, he is to remain so, and unharmed, and is not considered a suspect at this time, although it is requested that he open a dialogue with this Administration as soon as he is able.

Antonin Artaud
Prince of New Atlanta


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