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News and Rumors from the Atlanta Nosferatu
(These items are local, player-generated rumors and can not be bid on.)

The Nosferatu of Atlanta seem to be conspicuously absent from public view this month. Specifically, nobody has seen Elder Bishop since the Prince revoked the Nosferatu's Domain over the sewers. There are stories that they are building a secret underground city, or a night club, or even a monorail from their communal haven to some other location, but so far nothing is known for sure.


Rumors start spreading through the Rack that Genevieve Fontage ordered the elimination of Father Black and Von Licht through Sabbat or non-Camarilla agents. The name Breen is occasionally mentioned, too. The rumors are impossible to trace, and though everybody "has heard" this, nobody stands up and claims it to be true, as is the nature of rumors.


A newcomer to town visits the Anubis Club one night and introduces himself as Ralph, a wandering Gangrel. He happens to visit at an hour when there are only a few neonates in the club. Ralph inquires as to the important personages and administration in the city. Hearing of Sun Lau, Luthor, and David Kendrick, Ralph expresses shock that Tzimisce and Caitiff hold so many high positions in a Camarilla city, and leaves the club, looking disturbed. Ralph is never heard from again.


An anonymous caller on the Dr. Laura show one night is complaining about his wife, Genevieve. Apparently, over the year they've been married, she's become increasingly involved in some sort of cult that involves orgiastic "Sabbaths" once a month. Now she demands that he call her "Your Highness", and some of her cult friends are living in their house! The man feels threatened and afraid of his wife's friends, and also betrayed that she only recently let her affiliation become so obvious. If he'd known she was a "Sabbath" cultist, he'd never have married her!

Dr. Laura, of course, berates the caller for being such an insensitive jack-ass, and commands him to get a divorce before they have children. My god, why can't anybody think of the children??


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