News and Events Section

The New Regime

August 2002

 Prince Antonin Artaud's first month in power has already been quite eventful.  Francesca Lebeau of Clan Tremere, who in the previous month slew Nyx of Clan Gangrel, was offered to Clan Gangrel as an exclusive blood hunt. They didn't seem to waste any time; she appeared to last all of two minutes.

The new Sheriff and keeper were announced, and renamed. James Motlow was presented the job of sheriff, now Minister of Defense, and Andre of Clan Malkavian was made Keeper of Elysium, now called Minister of the Interior. The Emilies were also renamed The Order of Black Birds, and received their newest member, Mr.Rechschaffen. Stay tuned next month where we're sure to have several hundred more renamings.

Mr. Jacob Stone of Clan Nosferatu died this month under blood hunt from the new administration. It seems the administration didn't announce the blood hunt, and several rushed to defend Mr. Stone, although not successfully. Bron Giovanni was later seen carrying his ashes, offering for passersby to smell them, while he shook them furiously. Those Giovanni are just creepy sometimes.