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Project Eden to Invest in New Downtown "Empowerment Zone"

Project Eden, a regionally based investment and develpoment firm, has turned its philanthropic eye towards the city of Atlanta. The firm announced its intentions at a fund raising dinner in Atlanta last Saturday. The dinner raised money for the project's initial ventures and also served as a platform to raise public and private awareness of the economic decline of Atlanta's downtown infrastructure. Several prominent members of the local business and political community attended.

Said project coordinator, Jeremy Kline, " we hope to rekindle the entreprenurial spirit in the people and businesses of Atlanta. The key is getting into the heart of the city and empowering the community one person at a time. We invite the Atlanta business community to join us in our endeavor. Atlanta has the capacity and resources to become a truly international center of culture, art, and commerce. Project Eden is here to provide whatever drive and direction it can towards this end."

Reported by N. Formation, Clan Nosferatu, Morocco.


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